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The formal website of the companies holding of development and urban expansion for the Chabahar's free zone.

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Construction and Expanding Urbanization Company is message carrier of Construction and development is at service of fellow citizens and honored guests of Chabahar Free Zone

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Chabahar Free Zone Organization
Country management and planning organization
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Environment Group

Do you know: one third of the electrical energy of houses is used for lighting purposes?
Do you know: that fuel consumption in houses of Iran is 2/6 times greater than the industrial countries?
Do you know: that 1 degree of increase in temperature of houses is equal to six percent increase in fuel consumption?
Do you know: that the amount of production of offal in Iran is equal 32 thousands of tons in day and 12 millions of tons in a year?
Do you know: that 118 kinds of diseases will be transferred to our bodies in the case we Do not berry our mass of rubbish scientifically?
Do you know: that the glassy bottle we throw on the grand exists as a peace of rubbish on the grand for at least 1000 years?
Do you know: that 2/3 queue of meter grand is needed to berry each ton of our garbage?
Do you know: That the yearly consumption of napkin usage of each Iranian, result in cutting 5.1 single root trees.
Do you know: that 30 percent of plastic offal results from packaging industries?
Do you know:that every ton of the mass of urban rubbish produces 500 liters of emulsions and every liter of emulsions can pollute 4000 liters of water?
Do you know: that for EJECTMENT each kilogram of garbage 40 rails credit is needed?
Do you know: that bury garbage is the most expensive way of EJECTMENT of garbage and encompasses 80 to 90 percent of expenses to it self?

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Companies holding of development and urban expansion: Regarding to the changes of the Chabahar free-zone organization, several companies of this organization companies holding were replaced with different parts of the organization. The company of development and urban expansion is one of the companies holding which has had an important role in foundational affairs, improvement of urban services to the people and solution of some problems in development, due to the long-term purposes. 

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Chabahar Free Zone: The commercial- industrial zone of Chabahar in the east of the Chabahar's bay and north of the Chabahar's port was located in the territory with 14000 hectares. 10000 hectares of this area is specialized for industrial activities and 4000 hectares of that is specialized for business, transit, touristy and service activity. The commercial-industrial area of Chabahar has designed for a 20 years period (1991-2011). In the pre-step, the temporary construction of Chabahar was designed, in the first step (1996-1998), the commercial and an industrial activity was started.

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Communication and Telecommunication Company of Chabahar: The Communication and Telecommunication Company of Chabahar  is one of the dependent companies of development and urban expansion which uses the best skills and specialized powers in the field of communication and internet to develop the designing and executing the projects..

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Company of Green City Services: This company is one of the dependent company of development and urban expansion. Some of the contributions of mentioned company in Chabahar are as follow:...

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Company of the urban expansion: The mentioned Company which is also known as the Company of development in Chabahar, is one of the development companies of holding company. This company is the only technical unit of Chabahar which can present all the services related to the development engineering by using the ability, technical and science power and the experienced experts and engineers.

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Water, Electricity and Sewage company: This company is one of the dependent companies of holding company which has been built in 18/03/2002 and started its working in 21/04/2003.
Some of the duties of mentioned company are as follows:

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Skeleton comprehensive design of structuring district

Placed in structure 1:
International Hotel (project is now implementing)
Abrisham commercial complex (project is now implementing)
Darya commercial complex (project is now implementing)
Ferdouse commercial complex
Paradise commercial complex
Sadaf commercial complex
Salehyar commercial complex
Tiss commercial complex
Office building
Lypar hotel
Central restaurant
Specific villas
Placed in structure 2:
Placed in structure 3:
International university
Residential complex with 63 units
Residential complex of house cooperative (227 units)
Placed in structure 7:
Industrial pole
Placed in industrial pole of structure 7:
International fairs for Chabahar free zone
Placed in structure 8:
International airport of Cabahar free zone

Simplification and beauty are the head everlasting of the nature. By keeping our environment let's give this everlasting present to other generations